90% of those who have invested on the air, suffered losses

According to the company Intotheblock, in most wallets where the air is stored, the price of its acquisition or translation to the address was higher than now.

At the time of publication course

The greatest part of investors acquired cryptocurrency at a price of $ 211 to $ 530. At the same time, 3.58 million addresses of Ether came when it cost from $ 745 to $ 1340, that is, in the six-month period of the Cryptobum of the end of 2017 — the beginning of 2018.

Currently, only 8% of the wallets of the air was credited at prices below $ 130, and about 2% got it almost at the current rate. However, the 4120 investors managed to purchase it at a price of less than $ 1, they are the first buyers who focused on the project back in 2015.

The researchers also note that although only 8% of wallets are stored «profitable» ether, but they own 31.24% of the total volume of existing coins (34.05 million ETN for $ 4.5 billion). With a further decline in prices, it is possible that these investors will start selling the air, strengthening bear federal moods in the market.

The air pressure additionally strengthens the fact that in the last 12 months the Bitcoin rate

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