A new device not only collects, but also accumulates solar energy.

Researchers have developed a hybrid device that can effectively capture solar energy and store it in molecular ties until it needs.

Unlike solar batteries, which use photovoltaic elements for direct electricity production, the invention of scientists from Houston University absorbs heat (with an effectiveness of 73-90%) and can work around the clock.

As a storage material in the device, an organic compound of norbornadyc-quadricyclan is used, which has high indicators of specific energy and heat release, remaining stable for a long time.

According to the researchers, the device is so effectively absorbs heat due to the ability to capture the entire spectrum of the solar set, collecting it to immediately use and convert an excess to chemical bonds. During the night, the system restores up to 80% of the accumulated heat, and during the day this indicator is even higher.

The presented concept involves the use of various materials, which allows optimizing performance, including temperature and efficiency.

Storage of energy in molecular form, and not in the form of heat, prevents its scattering, and the integrated transformation system does not require transportation of fluid on pipelines.

During the day, solar thermal energy can be collected at temperatures up to 120 ° C, and during the night recovery you can achieve even greater heating.

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