Australia police confiscated cryptocurrency for $ 1 million

During the police operation on the detention of drug trafficking, the ball is confiscated cryptocurrency for $ 1 million, which is a record amount for Western Australia.

The Australian Border Service reported on the arrest of a 27-year-old man and a 25-year-old woman who brought 55 grams of ecstasy from the UK, hiding tablets and powders in a children’s set for drawing. In addition to the forbidden drugs, law enforcement agencies seized their electronic device, where they found cryptocurrency by 1.52 million Australian dollars.

Police claims that this has become the highest amount of confiscation of this kind for all time, and indicates the need to enhance the control of the digital environment to combat illegal drug trafficking.

The arrested pair was accused of storing narcotic substances for the purpose of their further sale or delivery. The detected cryptocurrency was frozen.

Regulatory limitations of some countries sometimes impede the work of the executive bodies. For example, in India, the police

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