Bitcoin’s course decreased to $ 8,500 against the background of strengthening traditional markets

After November 15, Bitcoin’s price dropped below the level of the 50-day moving average, it is on the verge of another collapse, approaching the phase of the long-term downward trend.

Noticeable revival and growth of stock markets, bonds and gold attracted the attention of investors who began to translate their funds in them. The lack of new significant investigations of capital has recently led to a decrease in trading volumes and weakening the Bitcoin course.

On November 15, the price of the CTS punched the level of $ 8,500 and lowered below the line 50 mA (purple), which created the risk of a new large sale and stronger recession. It also opened polarms to testing support in the $ 8,000 district. In addition, the neutral level of RSI and the upcoming intersection of 100 mA (green) with 200 mA (zat) can confirm the long-term bearish indicator.

Currently, traders are not more reacting for negative news, but on the absence of new incentives to maintain current positions. Nevertheless, current arguments still work on bulls.

At the time of publication of the Bitcoin material (BTC) trades $ 8478 and in the last day added 0.3%.

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