Boeing plans to deliver people to the moon «the fastest way»

Aerospace company Boeing suggested NASA a project to the system of disembarking people to the surface of the moon with a minimum number of stages, without changing rockets and transition stations.

Currently, NASA accepts proposals from private space corporations as part of the Luniary Landing Program Artemis, which implies the delivery of astronauts to the satellite surface. The agency plans to use the «Orion» capsule on the SLS rocket, docked with the lunar

However, Boeing offers to stick at once with «Orion» to land the crew directly on the surface of the moon. In addition, the project will allow to make a descent and lifting of astronauts back to the station, using one previously equipped rocket without additional transition stages.

According to the system developers, it reduces the number of steps to a minimum, which reduces the complexity of the flight and provides the safest and short path to the satellite surface.

In addition to the plans for the development of cosmic bodies, Boeing wants to release

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