Breakthrough Heliogen will allow replace fossil fuel solar energy in industry

Bill-finanted by Bill Gates Startup Heliogen has improved the system of concentration of solar energy and warmed up the object above 1000 ºC. This achievement will allow the use of light instead of fossil fuels in various industrial processes.

Currently, the system of collecting and transformation of solar energy is quite efficiently produced by electricity, but so far the best concentrators were able to reach a maximum of 565 ºC. However, to solve many industrial tasks, much higher temperatures are required, for example, for cement production.

To increase the efficiency of the system, Heliogen began using computer vision to control a large number of mirrors reflecting the sunlight into one target. Improving accuracy made it possible to overcome the previously unattainable level at 1000 ºC on the day of launch.

Despite the success, the company’s founder says that engineers have yet to do a lot of work before technology will be implemented in enterprises. In plans to achieve a temperature of 1500 ºC, which is enough to produce hydrogen and synthetic gas.

According to Bill Gates, the industrial processes account for more than 20% of emissions and if the Heliogen system helps to reduce them a little, it will greatly simplify the fight against global warming.

Russia also increases the volume of production of green electricity, but so far she

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