British Virgin Islands will release a digital currency provided by the dollar

British Virgin Islands announced the launch of the National Digital Currency BVI ~ Life.

Development of the STABINKINE The government entrusted LifeLabs. The digital currency will be tied and provided 1: 1 US dollars, which is a state currency BBA.

The government expects the project to help speed payments and reduce the commissions for the transaction. Coins will be able to use not only locals, but also tourists.

The project is part of the National Financial Technology Development Initiative in the region. Detailed information about BVI ~ LIFE will be presented in the upcoming economic symposium.

In addition to Stelkoin, LifeLabs will also develop the Rapid Cash Response Foundation to provide assistance in case of emergency in the country. During disasters and destruction of infrastructure with its help, the islanders will be able to access their means to buy essential items.

This is no longer the first island state that wants to improve the local financial system using a digital currency. In September, Marshall Islands also announced the release of the National Digital

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