BST introduced a futuristic electric motorcycle Hypertek

The South African company Blackstone Tek (BST) has developed a new motorcycle model with an electric transmission, which looks like transport from a science fiction film.

Initially, Gary Turner, the founder of the company, planned to release an electric bike, but then began to cooperate with the Ducati designer. The result of their collaboration was the Hypertek electric motorcycle.

Outwardly, it looks unusual due to the mechanical elements hanging from a solid subframe from carbon fiber. Its water-cooled engine has a capacity of 105 horsepower, twisted turnover of 120 nm, and is powered by a battery by 4.75 kWh, which is fully charged in 30 minutes.

In the description of the model, it is indicated that the range of running on one charge is 300 km, but most likely this figure is given in view of an additional battery, which can be replaced from below in some pictures (metal cell instead of green fairies).

Hypertek also has a monoocale rear suspension and 17-inch wheels. The total mass of the bike is 205 kg, and the length of its wheelbase is 1.47 m.

One of its distinguishing features is the lack of dashboard, since all important information will be displayed on the screen of the helmet, including video from the rear view camera. Another new is an electron-modular clutch that allows you to rotate the wheels, accelerate and slow down using a controlled traction system. It also has a sound generator to attract attention in the city’s conditions.

BST plans to begin production of electric motorcycles after 1.5 years. Each bike limited Hypertek series will be collected manually, and cost $ 80 thousand.

Classic brands, such as Harley-Davidson, are also not lagging behind the current trends and the same

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