CHAPTER ICE: «In order for Bitcoin to become digital gold, it must be accepted as a means of payment»

The Director General of the Network of the exchange and clearing chambers InterContinental Exchange believes that Bitcoin needs more real use of everyday life.

According to Jeffrey Prechach, the growth of transactions will contribute to the adoption of a virtual asset as a means of long-term accumulation of value. He argues his point of view, he argues the history of gold itself.

The head of Ice says that the precious metal has become the most popular accumulation means, because for some time it was used as a currency in the form of coins. Being in circulation, gold confirmed its relevance, so so far during periods of crisis successfully serves as an alternative form of payment.

He believes that sellers and buyers can gradually leave the need to convert cryptocurrencies to Fiat and back, and start working directly with bitcoins. This will allow market participants to avoid additional expenses and risks associated with constant exchange.

Subsidiary Ice.

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