China no longer considers mining ineffective industry

The State Committee for Development and Reforms of the PRC has changed his mind to make mining into a list of «unwanted» sectors of the economy, which should be eliminated due to their ineffectiveness.

In April, the National Agency

The current catalog was compiled in 2011 and served as the basis for the development of economic development strategies and reforms that should be carried out at the local level. Depending on the belonging to one of the three groups, the industry was maintained, limited or tried to eliminate.

The draft document was revised after many months of public consultation. According to representatives of the State Committee for Development and Reforms, they received more than 2.5 thousand proposals on this issue and took into account most of them.

Since almost 10 years have passed since the past update, then, most likely, in the near future, China does not plan to oppress mining.

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