China will launch his thermonuclear reactor in 2020

Chinese scientists plan to put the next generation tokamak in 2020.

At the conference on thermonuclear energy in Lesha Duan, the head of the South-Western Institute of Physics, said that the device could be launched so soon, since since June, there were no problems in the process of installation work.

The Tokamak HL-2M will generate pure energy due to the controlled nuclear synthesis, reproducing natural thermonuclear reactions occurring in the sun using hydrogen and deuterium as fuel.

Suru also said that due to the improved structure and regime of the management of the new apparatus, it will be able to create a plasma with a temperature of more than 200 million ° C. According to him, the launch will help China provide key technical support in the ITER project and will independently design and build thermonuclear reactors.

Scientists try not only to create miniature analogs of the Sun on Earth, but also to use the energy of the natural shone as efficiently as possible. Recently, researchers have developed

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