Chinese miners control 66% Hesreit Bitcoin

According to CoinShares’s research, the share of Chinese miners has already about 2/3 of the total computing power of the Bitcoin network.

In addition to the fact that the prospectors of the Middle Kingdom own the greatest share of Hesrayite, they gradually increase all the presence in the market. Researchers argue that over the past six months, the Chinese segment has increased from 60% to 66%, associating this growth with the introduction of new, more advanced production equipment.

Companies such as Bitmain, Canaan and Microbt are the world’s largest producers of the Asian and all of them are located in the Middle Kingdom, which is beneficial to local mines.

According to Chris Bendisen, Head of Coinshares Research, computing capacity building allows the Chinese earlier and more often to find solutions to mathematical equations for closing new blocks, which significantly increases production efficiency.

The company also indicates the growth of the Holsterite of the Bitcoin network against the background of increasing the profitability of mining. According to their data, since June, the overall level increased by 80% due to the connection of the latest equipment and entry into the market of new participants.

It is also worth noting that, despite the prohibition of the use of cryptocurrency in China, the authorities

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