Created a methanol fuel cell that extends the flight of the drone to 12 hours

Scientists have developed an effective fuel system running on methanol, which allows the drone to fly within 12 hours.

The main problem of modern drones, working from lithium-ion batteries, is a short maximum flight time. Even professional devices can hold out in the air about half an hour. Therefore, researchers and engineers are looking for alternative food options for their systems.

A team of scientists from the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics together with Feye UAV Technology created the prototype of the FY-36 unmanned aircraft. Despite the mass of 15 kg and impressive dimensions, it is able to develop speed up to 90 km / h and continuously fly to 12 hours. This was made possible by its hybrid aerodynamic form and a specially developed fuel cell.

According to the team, the principle of operation of such a battery is quite simple. When the colorless alcohol flows through the cells of the element, its molecules are in contact with the catalyst and disintegrate on carbon dioxide and water. During this process, a huge amount of energy will be allocated, which feeds the system.

Scientists took about 10 years to develop an effective device operating on methanol, and for about two years left for its adaptation to the CAPA. According to them, potentially methanol can store 70 times more energy than lithium-ion systems.

FY-36 has already made 15 test flights, but the tests are still continuing, as the team wants to collect more data. However, the first results encouraging.

Feye UAV Technology expects that after completing all the inspections, it will be able to commercialize the technology and offer the market for rolling drones at competitive prices. The subject model was initially created to test power lines, search and rescue operations, geological mapping, military intelligence and other tasks, where the flight time is one of the key factors.

Recall that Turkey will be the first country that will take

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