Durable self-cleaning concrete

Researchers have created a new type of durable concrete with good heat and sound insulation characteristics, which, among other things, repels various liquids. Stoke on the surface, they purify the material, taking with them dust particles.

In nature, there are enough examples of self-cleaning surfaces, such as lotus leaves or geccon paws. Scientists have long tried to give concrete similar properties with hydrophobic materials. However, surface coatings were scratching and erased with time, and additives reduced strength.

The team from the American Chemical Society was looking for an easy way to produce porous concrete with good mechanical and self-cleaning properties.

For this purpose, researchers have added oil, emulsifier and hydrophobic silicon polymer, called polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). Due to the emulsuit, the oil formed a variety of tiny drops containing the polymer.

Then they dried and heated concrete so that the oil evaporates, and the pores were covered with PDMS. The resulting material was light, but at the same time durable. He repelled dust particles and various liquids, including milk, beer, soy sauce, coffee and painted water, even with full immersion in them.

Concrete maintained superhydrophobic properties even after mechanical grinding, heat treatment and chemical exposure. In addition, it is well absorbing sound and does not heat well, which is important for building materials.

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