Effective method for converting grain waste brewed in fuel

Researchers have developed the technology of recycling barley balances from brewing factories into carbon fuel.

Every year, the brewery emit a huge amount of unspent grain, but chemists from the University of Queens in Belfast found a cost-effective solution to transform these waste into useful products.

The method developed by the command consists of only several stages. At first, the grain is dried, after which it is subjected to two-stage chemical and heat treatment with the use of phosphoric acid, and then washed with potassium hydroxide. After that, activated carbon and valuable carbon nanotubes remain.

From the final product, you can form granules and use them as fuel for heating houses, production of water filters or coal for mangals.

Since the chemical solutions used are publicly available and cheap, such recycling is cost-effective. In addition to high rates of profitability of synthesis, additional benefits are in parallel utilization of production waste and saving resources.

Even the oil and gas company BP is interested in this area, which

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