ESA will hold a mission to change the trajectory of the asteroid

The European Space Agency has approved for the Mission of Gera, which will help develop the technology of protecting the Earth from asteroids by changing the trajectory of their flight.

The mission worth $ 320 million provides that ESA and NASA will send their spacecraft to a system of two asteroids Didimos.

At the first stage, the NASA Dart probe will be shorted to a smaller of asteroids (Didimun) at a speed of about 21.4 thousand km / h. A little later, hera will arrive to explore the shock crater and measure the mass of the asteroid.

For this, ESA will carry two small satellites, which will first collect data, flying around the asteroid, and then land on the surface. Mapping and accurate mass of the object will allow astrophysics to determine its composition.

Since this is a double asteroid system, rotating each other, then scientists will also be able to study how Dart hit influenced the Didimun trajectory, the size of which is comparable to the Hopea Egyptian pyramid.

The information collected will help space agencies to develop a system of planetary protection against asteroids, by deviations.

Small dimensions of objects significantly complicate this mission. Before, no one of the devices flew to such small cosmic bodies.

According to scientists, although the probability of a collision with an asteroid is rather low, but we need to follow about 2000 objects in order not to repeat the dinosaur history. At the same time, in contrast to the earthquake or eruption of the volcano, the collision can be prevented.

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