European Central Bank wants to be «a step ahead» of stelkopinov

The Chairman of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagard, stated that in the issue of stelkopinov, a financial institution should be taken initiative to their hands and ahead of the demand curve on them.

During the press conference, she emphasized the increased interest of Central Banks of Canada, Great Britain and a number of other countries to digital currencies. According to her, in addition to the projects known to us, there are also other projects that are currently being studied and are at various stages of implementation.

According to Christine Lagard, in this question should go one step ahead and respond to urgent needs. She also said that the ECB plans to make a clear plan for its target group on digital currency by mid-2020.

The issue of the release of the digital euro has already raised earlier, but still met resistance from the European authorities.

The opinion of the new Head of the ECB is fundamentally different about her predecessor Mario Dragi, confident that stelkopins and cryptoaculations

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