For the first time, the unmanned truck successfully completed the road trip

Driving 4500 km on roads of various types without incident, the L4 truck became the world’s first unmanned car, which successfully delivered valuable cargo by off-road.

A commercial refrigerator left Tulara, California, and offline brought to Quakertown, Pennsylvania, 18 tons of butter.

During a three-day trip, his route ran not only in the speed highway and motorways, but also on dirt roads, winding mountain slopes, repaired sites and through long tunnels. Rain, snow and dark time did not become a reason for stopping the movement.

The development of the unmanned system was engaged in the company Plus.AI, which cooperates with commercial carriers of perishable goods, helping them to compensate for the shortage of young drivers.

To navigate the unmanned truck L4 equipped with an impressive set of sensors, onboard computer with deep learning algorithms, technologies for simultaneous location and cartography.

Developers expect that unmanned systems will not only become a future commercial freight, but also will help reduce traffic injuries.

To increase the security of pedestrians in headphones, recently engineers

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