Fortune1Coin — Why do you need Major and buy right now?


Fortune1Coin’s course manage miners, not speculators. Today, such a mechanism is a unique market phenomenon. How did it manage to achieve this?

Fortune1Coin is initially focused on the general public, and not large miners, the key feature of the project is the natural increase in the cost of the coin without external manipulations.

The bottom line is that we decided not to participate in the «hashing algorithms race», but to use well-known protocols, algorithms and verified methods of Internet promotion. The most important innovation is the market model of cryptocurrency.

As you know, the coin rate depends on the balance of supply and demand. Therefore, the Fortune1Coin blockchain itself was originally built into an affiliate program. Miners attract other miners and thus form their own three-level network, which brings them up to 9% of the income from the total production created by them. Affiliate program contributes to the natural growth of the popularity of the coin, as it makes it possible to attract well-known chadliners to this process (media, bloggers, vlogres, etc.).

In addition, the FT1 mining is possible only in the project pool itself, and the emission is limited to 480 blocks per day. Due to the lack of competition between pools, the remuneration is always distributed between all the participants in the process, regardless of how many of them and which devices they use. Thus, when the award is divided, for example, by 100,000 or more than 1,000,000,000 miners, then each individual participant simply cannot bring a significant amount to the market.

As a result, the sale of coins is delayed, the proposal is reduced against the background of increasing demand, therefore, the price grows, which attracts new participants (both miners and investors). This causes a multiplicative effect and cyclic increase in the course in geometric progression as far as the capacity (liquidity) of the market.

Thus it becomes clear that the more miners in the pool and more popularity (coverage of the affiliate program) coins, the higher its value in the market. Accordingly, each Mainer can become an investor (especially at the start of sales), and each investor, participating in mining, automatically increases profits from its investment.

But why do you need to start the Major right now?

Now the best time to launch Mainer FT1 (part of the distribution), because these are the last days, when your old laptop or PC can simply make any significant amount of coins.

After the launch of mobile Maine, we expect a new inflow of miners from Asia and South America. In these regions there are billions of active users of smartphones interested in additional earnings.

In the pool now about 1000 miners and on average you can get from 30 to 100 coins for each block. After the announcement of the listing in the CoinSbit and Vindax Comuniti, the amount of miners will grow at times and the remuneration for one each will sharply decrease. The rest will have to either enter into a race of the mining weapons, or what is logical to join the ranks of investors.

You told about the unique market model of the project, but what technical features are cryptocurrencies attract investors and miners?

As a basis, we took the Bucket model bytecoin and integrated an affiliate program into it, which allows each Majnera to invite new participants. To do this, you need to get a unique link in the coin wallet, and then send it to friends, place in social networks or use any other legal methods of promotion. Awards are paid for 3 levels of attracted miners:

In addition, the possibility of cooperative mining, which allows mining coins to several participants simultaneously. Unlike the pool of most popular coins, even the owners of weak computing devices can receive a reward.

That is, the affiliate program is sewn into the blockchain?

Right. That is why the remuneration is calculated and accrued the system itself. However, miners always pay 9% of income commissions that are going on payments to participants higher levels.

Particularities can also be attributed to the fact that all payments on the Fortune1Coin network are anonymous, with the exception of payments for mining so that they can be checked. Each coin consists of 1 million cents. The disclosure of new blocks occurs approximately every 3 minutes with a payment of ~ 35,000 coins (excluding partner 9%). The complexity is revised after each block.

What about further plans for the development of the project? Can you briefly tell about the nearest innovations?

After adding Fortune1Coin (FT1) on Coinsbit and Vindax, we plan to release a slight version of the wallet, improve the conductor of blocks, localize the wallet to various languages (including Russian), and also prepare for Hardforka, which will make a coin with a full payment tool (that is, money).

All these improvements will additionally stimulate the increase in demand, which will lead to another increase in the coin exchange rate. Those who want to have time to join the extraction at an early stage and learn more about the project on the official Fortune1Coin website.