Found a new way of measuring gravity with the help of pairs of atoms

Researchers used differences in pairs of atoms suspended in the air, for accurate measurement of gravity.

Currently, standard gravitational experiments are linked to objects in shielded tubes for measuring with special tools. Although this method is effective, but it provides only short-term observation of gravitational interactions, and may be exposed to third-party magnetic fields.

Recently, a team of physicists from the University of California in Berkeley found a new measurement method. Its essence is that the cloud of cesium atoms are produced into the airspace of a small chamber, and then with the help of laser pulses are cooled and separated them into several pairs in the state of the quantum superposition. Next, the lasers are used to fix particles in space, so that one of the atoms of each pair was much higher than its satellite.

After that, scientists are measured by the wave duality of each atom. Knowing the difference in their distances from the ground, you can accurately determine the value of gravity.

This method allows for long-term studies due to immunity of atoms. In addition, it can be used to determine the force of attraction between different objects, and the device itself is easier to protect against the interference of random magnetic fields.

In the future, this method will allow you to create compact instruments for measuring gravity. He also offers scientists new tools to determine the nature of dark matter and checking other physical ideas.

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