Geekbrains launches free courses for testers by

The GEEKBRAINS Education portal announced the opening of a set to free courses of software testing testers. After five months of study, students will receive knowledge and experience of the Junior test level, and the three best graduates will be held a three-month internship in Mail.Ru Group with a prospect of further employment.

The introductory test consists of three stages, according to the results of execution, 50 students will be credited to the course. Training will begin in January 2020, the learning process is divided into modules. Students will unlighten basic concepts in testing: development of test cases, equivalence classes and boundary conditions, work with a bagtrakener, regressive testing, testing user interface. Separate modules will be devoted to test analysis, domain testing and combination of parameters, test combinatorics.

The lessons will be held in the format of interactive courses, video and online broadcasts several times a week in the evening through MSK, they will also be available in the record. Graduates will receive evidence and certificate confirming the acquired qualifications.

After the program is completed, on the basis of the results of study and interviews with the head, the three best students will be credited to a two-month remote internship in Mail.Ru GROUP.

Applications for training are accepted from November 11 to November 17 inclusive.

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