Hacker-loser spent more cryptocurrency on hacking than stole

The Vertcoin team reported an attack of 51% on the project blockchain, according to the results of which the attacker lost more than he could steal.

According to the developers, on November 30, an unknown hacker (or group) used leased computing power in order to reorganize cryptocurrency blocks and perform dual costs. As a result, 603 closed blocks were replaced by 553 new, which brought an attacker 13825 VTC total cost of about $ 3200, as well as double spending on 125 VTC.

The implementation of such a transaction cost an unknown from $ 3,600 to $ 7,200, depending on the market conditions of the lease. As a result of the attack, the hacker suffered a loss of $ 400 to $ 4,000, respectively.

The project team could not understand what purpose the attacker pursued, since the profits of his actions were not brought. However, they suggested that the target could be Bittrex, which is the main platform trading in Vertcoin. Therefore, they turned to the exchange with a request to cancel trading pairs with VTC and close the wallet, which, apparently, was the main reason for stopping the attack.

Nevertheless, crypto industry attracts more successful criminals. For example, recently

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