Hacker robbed Kripkochelek Vechain Foundation for $ 6.6 million

The VECHAIN Foundation reported a breakdown of a wallet for reverse redemption of token and theft of 1.1 billion VET, which at the rate at the time of the incident was about $ 6.6 million.

The attacker transferred all the means to his personal address, which the organization marked, starting to track further travel movements, and also notified all the exchanges on which cryptocurrency is traded, and contacted the law enforcement agencies in Singapore.

The organization claims that the cause of hacking was the human factor, and not a gap in the security system of software or hardware solutions of the project. According to representatives of the Foundation, most likely, the leak is related to the fact that when creating an account, one of the employees partially violated the approved standard procedure. However, the company did not accuse him in what happened, since the mistake was unintentional.

After the incident, an investigation on the safety of other cryptoacles at the disposal of the Fund to prevent the situation repetitions.

At the time of publication VECHAIN occupies a 30th place in terms of capitalization. After publishing the stealing, the VET rate fell by almost 7%.

By the end of the year, cybercriminals were noticeably activated. Previous large hacking occurred at the end of November, when cryptochegia

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