Hackers paid less attention to cryptojing in 2019

According to Kaspersky Lab, for the current year, the number of cases of hidden production cryptocurrency decreased more than twice due to a decrease in the course of the Monero.

The company’s report says that, despite the increase in the total amount of malicious facilities by 13.7%, the number of infections associated with secret mining decreased by 59%, from 5.6 million in 2018 to 2.25 in 2019. Nevertheless, the most active cryptotroins are still in the twenty of the most dangerous threats.

According to analysts, in general, in the outgoing year, the number of attacks on ordinary users was significantly reduced, but the «loud» public attacks were becoming more frequently related to the infection of cryptocurrency extortionists. In their opinion, hackers began to refuse cryptojending due to lowering his profitability against the background of the course of the Monero.

Recently, in addition to the exclusion of XRM from the list of trading tools on stock exchanges, the market itself has become less interested in coins, since most of them are mined without the consent of the owners of computing capacities. However, despite the decline, cryptojing is still a common phenomenon, so users should be vigilant.

Many cybercriminals continue to work in this area and improve their tools. For example, last month Microsoft Defender ATP Research Group

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