Hacking the Base Wallet GateHub Passed the safety of 1.4 million users

An explorer in the field of cybersecurity reported the leakage of personal data 1.4 million users of GateHub cryptococherrel.

Three Hunt argues that the attackers hacked the site database and posted on the Internet email addresses, passwords, mnemonic phrases and the keys of two-factor authentication of all accounts, as well as the Hosh wallet. Although, according to developers, the investigation showed that hashi was not compromised.

In parallel, the same unknown hacker hacked the website of the game service Epicbot receiving information about the names and IP addresses of users.

Currently, 3.72 GB of private data of two projects are in public access in Darknet and potentially raise the safety of each of 2.2 million users. There is no official information about the loss of savings or hacking accounts.

This is not the first case of information leakage with GateHub. In June

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