In Seattle will open the first funeral bureau composting people

Recompose will open in Seattle the first funeral bureau in the world, in which instead of cremation or burial, the dead will turn into the soil in special chambers for a month.

Washington approved the project, referring to the law, which allows the accelerated transformation of human remains as a method of environmentally friendly burial in cities without natural cemeteries.

The Recompose service is that instead of cremation, the funeral bureau lays the body into a reusable vessels on a pre-fastened flooring of chopped wood, alfalfa and hay grass. In this form, they are placed in hexagonal ventilated capsules, in which the temperature of the corpse is adjusted.

Created conditions will contribute to the natural decomposition of body tissues by bacteria for 4-7 weeks. After that, the deceased return to relatives in the form of compost.

According to the director of the Funeral Bureau of Katrina Space, with this method of burial to the atmosphere, less carbon dioxide is distinguished, compared with cremation and traditional rituals of the burial. The composting also does not apply gaming substances that can fall into the soil and contaminate groundwater.

The company plans to start providing services in 2021 and expects that relatives will sacrifice the recycled remains on the project to fertilize the soil for the Belle Mountain forest, since using the remains of one person you can create from 900 to 1200 kg of fertile soil.

The authorities approved this method of burial against the background of growing concerns about the consequences of climate change and the desire of many people to reduce their indulged impact on the environment.

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