In the US want to assign license plates to all

The Federal Department of Civil Aviation USA has made a legislative proposal for the installation of individual remote identifiers for all private drones — electronic analogues of license plates.

The regulator considers it necessary measures to ensure the safety of airspace. According to officials, the innovation will help law enforcement agencies and federal agencies to identify in a timely manner.

The proposed identifiers will allow authorized services to remotely identify any drones and their operators in real time. New requirements will spread on all drones weighing more than 250 grams.

The authors of the proposal want to struggle to fight drug smuggling and hazardous substances, as well as illegal observation and invasion of the privacy of citizens.

According to the management of civil aviation, the number of drones in the United States is growing rapidly, and at present about 1.5 million units have already been registered.

The incentive for the agency was the intentions of Alphabet, Amazon companies and numerous startups massively use drones to deliver food, medicine and other goods to the house.

At the same time, some companies offer much more unusual ways to use UAVs. For example, Audi introduced the concept of a car in which drones are used

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