Invented biopovka, accelerating healing of broken bones

The researchers have created a bandage that captures and holds the healing molecules at the site of the bone fracture, accelerating the natural process of tissue healing and reducing the time of full recovery to three weeks.

In 2014, scientists discovered that adenosine biomolecule plays an important role in stimulating bone growth. In case of damage or fracture, the body naturally fills the area around the injury by these molecules, but they are not delayed for a long time on one place and quickly destroy. In addition to participating in the process of healing bones, adenosine performs many other important functions in the body, therefore only the local increase in its level is permissible.

To solve the problem, the team of biomedics from the University of Duke has developed a bandage of biomaterial, covered by borate molecules. When wrapping with a broken bone, it captures and delays adenosine near the place of damage. The second version of the dressings they were additionally covered with adenosine, which was gradually released. Since in both cases healing molecules gradually decomposed, they did not violate the natural balance and did not cause side effects.

Laboratory tests on mice have shown that over a week, each type of processed bandage has significantly improved the process of splicing. Three weeks later, all experimental was healing, but those who were used by biopovias with adenosin were noticeably better bone formation, with a large volume of tissues and better vasculation.

Researchers say that the dressings can be made from a biodegradable material for rapidly healing fractures, or to create a permanent option in which new adenosine can be introduced for the treatment of repeated injuries associated with aging or osteoporosis. In addition, they plan to develop gel for outdoor use.

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