Invented more efficient and fast type of RAM cells (RAM)

Scientists have developed a new storage device with low power consumption, which will create faster and efficient components of RAM (RAM), and can also work with a tricious number system.

Almost all modern digital devices processing information need dynamic RAM to temporarily storing data and intermediate results of operations. DRAM speed is important because it affects the speed of the entire system. These chips consist of individual memory cells, whose characteristics and determine the microcircuit performance.

Although the existing equipment works quite effectively, but the team of researchers from the Tokyo Technological Institute decided to create a more efficient memory device whose cells consume less energy and can work faster than current analogues.

They developed a new type of cells consisting of lithium layers, lithium and nickel phosphate. In essence, it is tiny thin-film batteries of small capacities that can quickly switch between charged and discharged states.

The tests have shown that during operation between the layers of nickel and phosphate lithium, a thin oxide layer is formed, which provides a switching device at low levels of current energy, which significantly increases its energy efficiency and speed.

Moreover, this type of cells can store three stress states instead of two, which also makes it possible to efficiently work with a three-dimensional number system with smaller sizes.

The development of Japanese researchers opens the way to faster and energy efficient computing devices of the future.

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