Iran announced remuneration for information about illegal mining

Iran’s authorities will pay the monetary remuneration to anyone who will provide useful information about illegal cryptocurrency mining in the country.

This program announced the Ministry of Energy of Iran during the submission of new electricity tariffs for miners. In addition to increasing the average price before the export level ($ 0.29 per kW), the Majnemorars were forbidden to work in the peak of energy consumption.

The press service also explained that people who will expose the mining activity cryptocurrency, in which subsidized electricity is illegally used, can expect a remuneration of up to 20% of the amount of damages.

In addition, rates for miners will vary very much depending on the season. For example, in the cold months, it will be twice as low as the average level, and in the warm — four of them higher, due to the growth of energy consumption in hot weather.

However, Iran’s authorities not only enhance pressure, but also offer to take advantage of additional benefits from business legalization. In September, the National Tax Administration of the country offered to the Mainers to use

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