LG created a high-tech home greenhouse

The South Korean company LG has created a first device that allows you to grow different plants directly in the house without much trouble. Even people who do not have experience in gardening will be able to use such a vertical greenhouse.

The company will present its novelty at the CES 2020 Technical Exhibition. According to the developers, in the modular device it will be possible to grow not only spicy herbs, such as salad, basil, parsley, arugula, but also vegetables and any other plants.

Home greenhouse will automatically change the inner temperature, humidity, level of lighting and irrigation depending on the time of day. The user will only need to pour out ready-made packages with seeds, soil and fertilizer, and then just follow the harvest using a mobile application.

The device is designed for a maximum of 24 packaging with seeds. LG argues that this is quite enough to meet the needs of a family of four, although does not specify the evaluation criteria used. In any case, everything will depend on the chosen cultures and diet.

The company has not yet reveal the timing of home greenhouses to the market and cost.

This product is designed primarily for people who do not have access to land plots and those who have moved to a diet saturated with plant products, but does not want to deal with soil treating and fighting weeds.

Climate change, the fight against cattle and plant diseases stimulate agrotechnical developments, which used to be found only in science fiction. Earlier we made up

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