Massachusetts Police experienced a Spot robot in his operations

The Massachusetts police unit was rented by the Boston Dynamics Spot robot to use it for remote observation of suspicious and dangerous objects.

From April to November, the dog’s robot was not only trained and tested at the landfill, but also used in two real incidents. Although the test details and the level of autonomy leased Spot are not disclosed, but the police claim that the basic software has not changed and did not use it as a weapon.

Boston Dynamics also says that law enforcement agencies could not arm Robobops, even if they wanted, since the company’s license prohibits the use of products for any purpose that can harm the person. Robots are leased, and not sold to be able to be able to dissolve the contract at any time in case of violation of its conditions.

Nevertheless, the American Union of Protection of Civil Freedles considered that the tests were not clear enough, and pointed out the lack of real regulatory obstacles for the wrong application of robots.

In April, the police demonstrated prospects for the application of Spot in their operations at the TechCrunch session, but did not notify the public about the rental plans.

In addition to the Boston Dynamics, engineers from the Florida Atlantic University, which created the Astro robot, achieved success in the development of smart robots,

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