Microsoft discovered new malware for hidden mining

The Microsoft Defender ATP Research Group reported a new type of malicious software for hidden mining cryptocurrency, which has already infected 80 thousand computers.

The company analysts found a program called Dexphot, which was launched in October 2018. After infection of the PC, its code takes control of system processes to hide its presence and start secretly to the Maine. For cryptocurrency mining, it uses the computing power of an infected device.

User attempts to remove Malware software lead to the fact that the system monitoring services and task scheduler activate the re-infection protocol.

According to researchers, DEXPHOT is not created to attract attention and is one of the numerous malignant programs that are constantly active.

Usually this software uses a portion of the power of the central processor to produce cryptocurrency for the creator. Although with one PC, the income is small, but at the expense of scale the total amount can reach thousands of dollars per month. Such projects are gaining popularity, since they work in the background and provide hackers a stable inflow of funds.

Earlier, Varonis analysts found another virus for secret mining, called

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