Microsoft is developing an ill-known version of the next generation xbox

Microsoft employees reported that in parallel with the announced console

About this four people who are aware of the project, told Kotaku journalists. According to them, although the company publicly did not report this, but engaged in the development of two versions of the device.

Presented earlier Project Scarlett is a traditional high-performance console with 4K support at 120 frames per second. Its alternative, with the working name Lockhart, should become a cloudy device with a minimum power required to perform specific local tasks, such as input from the controller and image processing. In this case, a quick processor and a solid-state drive will provide a stable broadcast of most games from 1440p and 60 frames per second.

Since the product is at the development stage, the final characteristics may differ. Sources also did not name the approximate cost and timing of the failure of the waist console, so as long as the company does not officially confirm an alternative version, there are no guarantees of its serial release.

Microsoft works simultaneously in many directions for the development of the gaming industry. Recently, the company was submitted

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