NASA presented a rocket that delivers astronauts to the moon

The NASA administration for the first time submitted to the general public system of space launch (SLS), which will have to deliver astronauts to the Luna in 2024.

During the presentation at the Mihud Assembly Center, the director of the National Aeronautics Aeronautics and Space Space Research, Jim called SLS the most powerful rocket from ever created.

According to him, the system successfully completed the final stage of the test, during which the model of the fuel tank was compressed, stretched and bent, while measuring the structural integrity of thousands of sensors registering voltage, pressure and temperature. NASA also used cameras and microphones to identify any irregularities in the tank. The failure occurred in the predicted point of the limit.

The ending tests means the completion of the main steps of the SLS assembly, but with a serious lag, since the first piloted launch was planned to be held in 2019. Currently, the launch was postponed by 2021 to prepare before the start of the lunar

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