New durable glue can quickly slow down under the action of a magnetic field

Scientists have created a new polyurethane glue that can quickly slow down from the surface while in a magnetic field, allowing you to easily dismantle and recycle products at the end of their service life.

Many elements of mobile phones, cars and other techniques are fastened with glue. This is a fast and relatively cheap production method, but it also does not allow efficiently disassemble separate parts for processing, so most of the materials fall into the landfill.

However, a team of researchers from the University of Renigation and Stanelco RF Technologies may have found a solution. Together, they developed a new type of glue with a filler from tiny metal particles (8% mass), which melts when entering an alternating electromagnetic field. As a result, the elements that he connected, simply disintegrate.

Such adhesive is suitable for plastic, wood, glass and metal, and by strength, comparable to existing industrial options.

According to inventors, items can be divided into less than 30 seconds in a relatively weak magnetic field, heating particles of iron oxide. Such a technology is also safe for humans and allows you to interact with the subjects with bare hands. In addition, scientists say that in this way you can modify any thermocons, which simplifies integration into the industry.

Currently, the only problem of this method is to remove residues, but when working with metals, they disappear automatically, since they will fall together with them. It also allows you to abandon the use of chemicals, which not only increases its economic efficiency, but also makes more environmentally friendly.

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