New Identity Identification Technology for Body Sound

Scientists have developed bioacoustic identification technology, which allows you to identify a person’s personality on the sound of the body as precisely as the fingerprints of the fingers and the iris.

Each sound that we hear has a unique signature associated with how it was created and through which objects his waves passed. Therefore, a group of researchers decided to explore whether unique bioacoustic signatures created during the passage of sound waves through people, used to identify them.

The biometric system developed by the South Korean electronics and telecommunications team uses a converter to generate vibrations that pass through a certain part of the body, for example, a finger. After the sound waves passed through the skin, bones and other fabrics, the sensor determines their unique bioacoustic signature.

The approach is quite effective to distinguish the different fingers of one hand. This means that for authentication, a person must use the same finger that was originally analyzed. Scientists also found that the human bioacastic spectral pattern remained over time, despite the constant updating of the cell cells.

Although the measurement of acoustic vibrations is quite accurate, but still inferior to the level of fingerprint analysis or iris. Therefore, in the future, the command plans to improve the system using additional sensors. However, they are already learning how to commercialize technology in phones and wearable devices.

Moreover, the technique analyzes the fabrics so accurately that the team began to look for ways to apply it to diagnose diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

In addition to people, with the help of sound you can identify any other objects, and in combination with machine learning it opens

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