Nike will be tokenize shoes using Ethereum

Nike has received a patent for the shoe tokenization system to the Ethereum blockchain for its authentication and sale.

The manufacturer intends to create unique identifiers and release the tokens of the format ERC721 or ERC1155 for some sneakers. Buyers will be able to unlock these tokens, linking shoes with the identifier by the owner, denoting the ownership. In addition to digital rights, the token also allows you to record data on the genotype of the product, including specific attributes, colors, styles.

Cryptokick will allow clients to receive their control over shoes and its design. For example, the owner will be able to limit the number of accurate copies of its branded sneakers that can be produced.

The «surrogate motherhood» feature is also provided, providing other right to combine and mix the designs of shoes and the conditions for the care of it. In addition, ownership of every next generation can be tied to the original, real pair.

Many world brands use blockchain to verify product authenticity. Recently to their number

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