POLONIEX requires users to change the password due to data leakage

Cryptobiru POLONIEX sent users emails with the request to replace the password from the account due to leakage of personal information.

In the letter, the exchange reported that it dropped the current passwords due to the publication of the inhibitors of the list of email addresses and passwords in Twitter.

Representatives of the Company argue that only a minor part of them can potentially be used to enter the current accounts. However, in order to avoid risk, passwords were canceled for all accounts tied to email.

Having received such a message, some users considered that the fraudsters sent him and turned to the community in social networks. This put POLONIEX support service in an awkward position, since they had to prove the authenticity of their mailing.

The Exchange has not yet specified the scope and cause of data leakage.

Publication of personal information in social networks is a common tool of hackers, since not only threatens the security of funds, but also discovers access to the accounting records an unlimited number of people. Another recent example is

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