Porsche tests four-dimensively power unit for electric SUVs

Stuttgart team Porsche Engineering reported working on a four-dimensional power setting, which will provide each wheel with a separate engine for a quick power distribution depending on the current road conditions.

The purpose of the new development is not an increase in high-speed indicators of electric vehicles, and improving the management where necessary, whether it is opposing slippery roads or a rotation at high speed. The company declares that the tested power unit will allow SUVs to move with the agility of a sports car.

Such a system does not need additional sensors, and software management for milliseconds redistributes power and stabilize the car, in contrast to relatively limited slippage observed in fuel vehicles. Porsche engineers say they tested software for two winters.

While it is not known which model will receive a new system with four engines. Perhaps it will be an electric version of Cayenne or a perfect new universal SUV, which in any weather will be comfortable to feel on the road.

Previously, we also reported on the development

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