Scientists for the first time teleported quantum information between two silicon chips

Researchers have developed devices based on silicon photonic microcircuits that can use the features of quantum physics to generate and manipulate individual particles of light in programmable nano papers.

Quantum computers can potentially solve problems that are not even under modern supercomputers, as well as ensure the adsolute security of the transmitted information. However, the basis of this technology is quantum information in the form of encoded elementary particles, which are difficult to control and measure.

Scientists from the University of Bristol together with colleagues from the Danish Technical University first demonstrated the successful teleportation of the quantum state of the photon between the two programmable chips.

During the experiment, after measuring the particle, the team has achieved the simultaneous destruction of its quantum confusion and the transfer of this state to another particle on the receiving chip. The accuracy of teleportation was high enough and amounted to 91%.

Despite the complexity and fancy of these technologies, recently researchers

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