Scientists have created a quantum chip, which is 1000 times less than the current

A new quantum communication chip is 1000 times less than modern quantum devices, but it works as efficiently.

In most existing security standards of communication systems used in ATMs or when performing online purchases, quantum technologies do not apply. Therefore, there is currently a threat of interception of a PIN or password when electronic data transmission.

Researchers from Nanyang Technological University developed a chip, less than 4 mm long, which uses quantum communication algorithms to improve transaction security. This is achieved by integrating passwords to the transmitted information to create a secure quantum key. After receiving the data, they are destroyed with the key, which further improves the reliability of such a connection.

The system uses randomized code lines to encrypt information, access access to which only the recipient can with the right key. This allows you to simplify communication, since it disappears the need to transfer additional passwords or biometric data.

Developers argue that the use of such chips will be cost-effective because they are made of available materials such as silicon. The invention can also stimulate the creation of the next-generation communication devices and improve digital services, such as online banking, digital government.

Earlier, European researchers presented

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