Softbank will launch service robotic cleaning service

Softbank Robotics has announced the launch of the automated room cleaning service, which is based on the use of the WHIZ vacuum cleaner.

Many have heard of Softbank, standing for the development of popular human-like Pepper and NaO robots. However, now the company introduced a new business model in the field of cleaning services.

The first trials of the WHIZ robotic vacuum cleaner started at the beginning of 2019. Its BRAINOS operating system allows you to remember up to 600 routes. For this, a person needs once manually to spend a robot for each route, after which it will follow them on their own.

The engine vision system allows you to avoid obstacles and remove directly along the walls, and when encouraging with any irresistible obstacle, it informs the staff through the bipper. In addition, it is possible to remotely verify the working state of the robot in real time through the cloud.

WHIZ is equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 23.7 Ah, which is enough for cleaning rooms with a total area of 1400 m2 or 3 hours of continuous operation. With a mass of 30 kg, it can accelerate a maximum of up to 1.8 km / h.

After the success of pilot projects in Japanese hotels, offices, airports and campuses, the company decided to automate the commercial cleaning sector, in which manual labor is usually used. According to the developers, the proposal should be interested in business, because it will help organizations save on service personnel and improve cleaning efficiency, especially indoors with carpets.

The cost of such a service will be $ 499 per month.

In addition to cleaning automation, Softbank Robotics also plans to open a cafe in Tokyo in which customers

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