Telegram appealed to the court with a request to remove the ban on the sale of Tokens GRAM

Telegram, standing for the Messenger of the same name, appealed to disprove all charges from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Telegram filed a statement to the New York City Court, which says that all claims are unreasonable, since private accommodation has passed in accordance with the applicable US federal laws, and the tokens have not yet been released. By adding that after starting the Blockchain TON, GRAM will be attributed to goods or currencies, but not to securities.

After in October

Telegram also indicates that the Securities and Exchange Commissions have not yet provided a clear leadership and notification of their views on what particular action is a violation of securities laws, so this precedent reflects the subjective view of officials.

In addition, the company declares that he voluntarily collaborated with the regulator to avoid violations of legal norms and did not notify about distribution, since this does not require legislation on the Central Bank.

The hearing in this case should take place on February 18-19.

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