Tesla plans to replace wipers with lasers

TESLA is developing a system of laser cleaning of glass surfaces of vehicles and solar panels from dust and dirt.

Ilon Mask is known for its extraordinary approach to solving technical tasks and the list of his ideas has been replenished with another item. In the tesla patent application, Tesla lists the disadvantages of traditional cleaning methods that use water, detergents and brushes, and the main advantages of using the proposed laser device, among which speed, reliability, safety and the impossibility of glass damage.

According to the description, the operation of the laser purification system is based on the radiation of powerful light pulses, which burn and / or destroy the dirt on the surface of glass products. In this case, the device is additionally equipped with a system for detecting contaminants and calibrate parameters.

Before starting cleaning, the chambers determine the presence of dirt, its type, location and layer thickness. This information is processed by the control system that adjusts the parameter set and adjusts the level of exposure to laser pulses. The calibration of the beam allows not only to effectively clean the surface, but also does not allow its passage through the glass.

The application says that the equipment can be installed as a modular device that provides contactless cleaning of windshields, lenses of cameras, side windows, rear-view mirrors in vehicles or solar cell surfaces.

Representatives of Tesla and its CEO have not yet reported on the usage plans to use the proposed laser cleaning system in the company’s cars. Although the presence of a patent does not guarantee that the project will ever be implemented at all, but this probability cannot be excluded. In any case, this is an interesting concept that deserves attention.

In addition to this development, Tesla also filed a patent application for

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