The BitHumb Exchange has come an additional tax requirement for $ 70 million

The tax service of South Korea exposed the Bithumb for an additional account for $ 69.5 million for the trade in Kryptovaya.

Such a huge complaint has come to the company due to the fact that, in the opinion of inspectors, until January 2018, the Exchange did not properly held income tax with foreign customers. As a result, all non-resident revenues were attributed to other incomes and are actually recognized as assets, therefore, instead of tax on income of individuals, the amount of tax increase in the amount of 22% was applied to the entire amount.

Bithumb does not agree with such a sum and plans to submit a lawsuit against the tax requirement to make adjustments to the calculations.

Theoretically, the stock exchange can retain funds from foreign customers in the back number, but it is almost impossible to do.

The situation occurred on the eve of legal reforms regulating the taxation of profits from cryptocurrency operations to be accepted in 2020. Perhaps the inspectors have accelerated the process before the expiration of the five-year period of tax claims.

Many researchers recognize that the traditional tax system is not fully effective, so

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