The construction of the world’s first microdistrict from 3D-printed houses in the world began in Mexico

In the countryside on the outskirts of the city in the south of Mexico, the construction of a new microdistrict began, all the houses of which will be printed on a huge 3D printer.

Each finished house with a total area of 50 m2 has two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and has good resistance to seismic activity characteristic of this country’s region. At the construction of a building of one such building using a 10-meter 3D printer, 12 hours is required.

Last week, the installation of roofs, windows and interior of the first few houses was completed, and future families have already visited them.

The new microdistrict in the south of Tabasco will consist of 50 houses that will be transferred to local residents within the framework of an affordable housing program for families living in extreme poverty.

Although all buildings will be the same type, but using the application, the team can make small adjustments to the project.

The project is engaged in the non-profit organization New Story together with the building company Icon, which has developed the used 3D printing technology. They cooperate with the state government granted land and infrastructure. Local builders attracted for final finishes.

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