The Ministry of Internal Affairs is learning how to confiscation cryptocurrency

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and other strength structures were instructed to develop legal mechanisms for arrest and confiscation of digital assets until 2022.

RBC reports that the curls, the Prosecutor General’s Office, Rosfinmonitoring, Ministry of Justice, the FCS and FCS and FTS will also be engaged in learning possible methods of seizure. The development of these mechanisms will be carried out in parallel with the discussion of other measures to combat cybercrime.

Legal regulation of the information environment is becoming increasingly relevant, since many hackers often require redemption in cryptocurrency, most often in Bitcoins to easily hide the further movement of funds outside the banking system.

However, in this case, the executive bodies will face a mass of difficulties caused by the features of the blockchain technology and the virtual assets themselves.

Access to the funds in the cryptococherrel is in principle cannot be obtained without a private key that the criminal himself will have to inform. Even if the assets are moved to the stock exchange, it should be in Russian jurisdiction for arrest and withdrawal, or agree to cooperate with law enforcement agencies, which will not be so easy to achieve.

In addition, for moving cryptocurrency, power structures will require their own wallets, which still hinders the absence

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