The new computer control device was invented

Engineers have developed a new coordination device for a computer that allows you to enter discrete commands by various touchs of finger touches.

The TIP-TAP device does not require a power source, since radio frequency identification tags are used to determine the touch (RFID). This allows you to place it directly on the skin in the form of a temporary tattoo or embed it into a glove.

In the process of developing TIP-TAP, researchers from Waterla University identified the most convenient areas on the index finger, to which a person can touch the thumb. They also checked various embodiments of input points: smooth, convex, magnetized. The radius of the created prototypes is 4 meters.

According to the command, such devices are useful for moving ordinary commands, in cases where the user cannot easily hold the input device, for example, surgeons during operations, production workers, athletes during training. At the same time, the labels do not interfere with taking, hold and manipulate objects such as a scalpel or tool.

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