Volkswagen created a mobile robot for charging electric cars in the parking lot

Volkswagen has developed a robot, which on request will be able to independently find and charge electric vehicles at any parking space.

The created prototype is equipped with cameras, laser scanners and ultrasound sensors, thanks to which it is focused in space, recognizes obstacles, finds the necessary vehicle and its charging port. It can be activated using a special application or via the V2X communication system.

After receiving the request, the autonomous robot captures with him the mobile power bar, and drives up with it to transport. Then it opens the charging socket cover and connects its trailer to the electric vehicle battery, leaving it to work, and, in the meantime, can serve other cars. As soon as the charging process is completed, the robot returns, turns off the power bar and takes it back to the charging station.

Each single mobile energy accumulation device provides a quick charging of DC up to 50 kW. If necessary, the robot can consistently connect several batteries with batteries. On large parking lots or underground parking, you can immediately use several such robots.

According to VOLKSWAGEN representatives, the new technology allows you to make almost any electric parking with minimal infrastructure changes. Currently, the company is developing several system options, and increase its flexibility. However, it has not yet called the possible date of release of an innovative product to the market.

Most likely, the team improves the ability of the robot to recognize the charging ports of various models of other automakers, as this is a key factor in efficiency.

Since in the near future, electric vehicles will begin to dominate the market, and it is unrealistic to equip each parking space, then such products are a far-sighted solution.

No less interesting option of the station recently introduced Peugeot. French automaker developed

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